Can't see my live chats?

Michael Lam

Last Update il y a 2 ans

This can occur when the Customer has an outdated version of Kaydoh.


User tries to log into Kaydoh app to view all the chat's. They get an infinite spinning progress bar or don't see any messages at all when the Customer knows there should be some.

How to resolve

  1. Have Customer log out of their Kaydoh app.
  2. Delete the Kaydoh app.
  3. Install Kaydoh app.
  4. Log back in, at this points the chats should be able to pull up.

Still Issue?

  1. Have the user log out of Kaydoh app
  2. Restart phone
  3. Log back into Kaydoh, at this point the chats should pull up.

Still Issue?

If there are still issues at this point, please log a ticket, in JIRA for IT team.

Internal tags

  • Where can prevent the messages in kaydoh app
  • How to resolve the issue
  • Is the app version is compatible
  • what are the steps to be taken to sort the issue
  • What if still the issue keeps happening

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