How to download your video thumbnail

Used to integrate with your CRM for mass emailing

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When needing to prepare an email campaign where you'll be emailing lots of recipients at once.  You will want to extract the video thumbnail of your site to nicely embed into your email to achieve higher click through engagements.

What do you need?

Your Computer

What to do?

  • Watch ( 1 min video tutorial )
  • Read ( step by step )

Watch - Tutorial ( 1 minute )

Read - Tutorial ( step by step )


Navigate the website where you need to extract the video thumbnail.  Click on the button at far right of screen, "More".  Click on that button to view the option for "Download Video Thumbnail".   


Click on the button, "Download" to grab the video clip image in format of .GIF


Use that image to embed into your email editor to send off. Most modern email CRM systems will accept GIF images. If you have trouble using our image, please reach out to [email protected] or directly through our LIVE chat system.

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how to download the video thumbnail

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