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Kaydoh's "e-Form" feature lets you create faster and more robust event pages that requires collecting attendee information.

An "e-Form" is the ability to trigger a popup form to collect information.  The questions that are asked can be fully custom

What do you need?

  • Your computer

What to do?

  • Watch ( 3 min video tutorial)
  • Read ( step by step)

Watch - Tutorial ( 3 min )

Read - Tutorial ( step by step )


Create a new website and choose between "Portfolio" or "Video Message".  Each has its own set of design layout to choose from and it'll be a preference of the User to select one.  The "e-Form" feature is found in both type of websites.  For this tutorial we will use "Portfolio"


If the website type selected was "Portfolio" go to the  "Cover & Title" section.  Below are typical information that can be add to each respective fields

Cover Heading:  { Title }
Sub Heading:  {Date of event and time }
SEO Title:  Title of campaign, used to keep your websites organized
Description:  { Add the full invite details here }

The Primary Button and Secondary Button can either be left alone or converted into an "e-Form" button that will trigger a popup form to collect information.  Toggle on the "e-Form" to the respective button desired to trigger the form.


Clear out the Primary Button and put in an updated label, such as "RSVP" or "Register" to help visitor understand the purpose of the button.  To edit the questions / information to be collected, click on the "Edit Form" link next to the toggle.


After editing the questions, navigate back up to either the "Cover & Title" or "Video & Content" tabs on the LEFT panel.  Navigate to the section that still needs updating before you finish saving the website.


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