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Mary Smith

Last Update 4 个月前

Sometimes when sharing a Kaydoh page with a client or group of people.  The content in some of the tiles needs to be kept private and secured.  One to do this in Kaydoh is using the password protection feature where you can securely put a password on any content tile you designate.

What do you need?

  • Your Computer

What to do?

  • Watch (1 min video tutorial)
  • Read ( step by step)

Watch - Tutorial ( 1 minute )

Read - Tutorial ( step by step )


Go to your website and edit it.   


Navigate over to your Content tab.  Find the tile to password protect and toggle on the lock icon.


Select the option "Password".  Input your own custom password or let Kaydoh generate one for you using the button "Generate Password".  Hit SAVE to complete this task.


Make sure you save your website by clicking on "Save & Complete".  The next time a visitor views your website, the tile will be protected and will require a password to unlock and view content.

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